Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Learning About Dreams & Love

Grayson has been coming home with a lot of schoolwork lately and I always enjoy seeing what he comes up with when prompted by a lesson.

His class was learning about Martin Luther King, Jr. a few weeks ago and he came home with this art project:

It asks what Martin Luther's dream was and then what Grayson's dream is. He said MLK's dream was love, peace and "same bus." When I asked more about that he told me how everything used to be separate for brown people and white people. His dream is "to play together." 

Today he brought home a "heart map" which is part of their Valentine week lesson. He was supposed to draw pictures of things he loves to do. 

From left to right: He loves to Travel (an airplane), Imagine (a castle), Be at home (a house) and Play Minecraft (a very detailed picture of him playing a video game). 

It's fun to see his spelling and how his mind interprets each assignment. His drawings are getting more detailed as well and usually give us a chuckle. 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Boys' Club

I love many things about being the mom of a little boy, but I can safely say it is testosterone OVERLOAD at our house lately.

Between Michael, Grayson and my Dad (aka Pappa) staying with us for a few weeks, it's been all about cars, electronics, Nerf guns, light sabers and even the occasional burp. Everyday I come across something around the house that is completely strange, and something only a boy would do (like stash Nerf bullets in my laptop like the photo above). I came home from work last week to a stack of new tires and wheels in my living room. MY. LIVING. ROOM.

I am desperately overdue for some girl time...perhaps a pedicure is in order.

I don't think he has any clue that tires belong in the garage and not in the house.

Daddy's little helper getting in position to start wrenching on the 4Runner

This little guy may be even more excited than his daddy about these new wheels and tires. Must be a guy thing. 

Talking through their strategy to remove the bumper and get to work. Two peas in a pod.