Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Life is a Picnic

Grayson spent Saturday night with his grandmama and grandaddy, and the trio took advantage of the gorgeous weather for a Sunday picnic in the park.

I love the picture above and the one below for several reasons. Despite the fact that this park is less than a mile from their house, clearly my mom doesn't do picnics halfway. Plates, tablecloth and PB&J...check! I also love the fact that she still has the tupperware plates that we used on camping trips when I was a kid. I haven't seen these plates in over a decade, but they have served up so many fond memories over the years.

After fueling up on peanut butter, it was time for playing on the park's many play areas. They also walked along the trails to take in some nature and visit the duck pond.

Looks like a fun day was had by all! Thanks grandmama & grandaddy!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Science Museum Oklahoma

We recently took Grayson for a visit to our local science museum thanks to some VIP passes my mom procured through her school. This was one of my favorite places as a child and I was excited to show our next generation the planetarium and a few other exhibits that I remember loving.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by Otto, the museum's robot mascot. Gray now wants to be a robot for Halloween.

The museum has all kinds of hands-on exhibits, and Grayson was able to drive everything from an airplane to a tractor. He loved climbing on and touching everything as he practically ran from one exhibit to another.

 Grayson the airplane pilot

Inside a fun display on dental hygiene

Playing astronaut

 The hall of mirrors...which Gray is the real one?

 Talking on an "old school" telephone (I must admit this exhibit made me feel very old since Gray has never seen or used a phone with a cord)

 Farmer Gray on the tractor

Since Grayson is still pretty small for some of the experiences, there were a few areas that required some parental assistance. I got to fold myself into the tiny door of a space shuttle landing module so we could do a landing sequence (and press all the knobs and switches inside).
Mommy navigating the awkward set up while my co-astronaut waits patiently for his turn to get inside.

Mission Control talking us through the landing sequence

Next up, it was daddy's turn for some fun. They climbed to the top of the Gadget Trees exhibit which has a two-story tall slide and tree house. 

We didn't get any pictures, but we also took in the planetarium show. As the guide talked through each of the constellations, Grayson said "ooh and awwwe" at each one which had the woman next to us cracking up.
The hours flew by and soon it was time to go home. We all had a blast and look forward to going back again to nurture Gray (and his parents') love of science.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

County Fair Time

A few weekends ago we went to our annual county fair. It's full of random vendors, farm animals, great people watching and tons of tractors. Not bad for some free fun!


We took Gray's picture standing inside a tractor wheel last year and did the same again this year so you can see how much he has grown.

He also rode the tractor train again, but played it cool since this wasn't his first rodeo. We enjoyed petting the animals, learning how to shuck corn and Gray even got to climb up into a firetruck. 

I couldn't seem to capture a picture of him smiling for the life of me. Despite what it looks like, he was very excited to be in a real firetruck and one of the firemen gave him a badge sticker which made his day.

We can't wait to visit again next year!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Our Budding Artist

Michael and I gave Grayson some art supplies for his birthday and we've been having fun watching him paint on several small canvases.

Two of them turned out well enough to hang on his bedroom wall. He's getting better about controlling paint brushes, crayons, etc. and made some abstract circle prints.

The blue dots are where he signed his name. Too funny!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Excuses, Excuses

All week I've been writing new blog posts in my head, but as you can see have yet to take a moment to write them down. Part of the issue is the photos I want to post were downloaded to a computer I never use for blogging, where they've sat (and sat and sat).

I have lots of stories to share, including Grayson's first trip to our local natural history museum, some cycling/park fun, plus a visit to another science museum we have scheduled for the weekend. So much to share, so little time!

On top of all the fun I have to tell you about, I resigned from my job yesterday. Yikes! I know, right? Luckily, I have another one lined up and despite having to part ways with some amazing co-workers, I know it's the right decision in the grand scheme of things. That said, my mental energy has been consumed by the transition.

Since I've teased you with so many stories but have yet to deliver, I'll close with a quick one. Grayson and I went on a long walk last night to enjoy the gorgeous evening and we popped in on our friends a few streets over. He got to meet baby Claire for the first time and when we returned home I asked him what he thought about his new friend...

Me: Did you have fun meeting baby Claire?

Gray: Yes, I did. She had an umbulamps [aka ambulance] cord on her belly button. 

Me: Yes, she had an um-bil-i-cal cord on her belly button. You had that on your belly button too when you were a baby.

Gray: I am not a baby. I'm a big boy.

Me: You are a big boy, and someday Claire will be bigger like you. Will you share your toys with Claire and be friends?

Gray: No, we will play and be family. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Year Three Stats

I took Grayson to the pediatrician this morning for his annual check-up. Despite challenges like explaining how to pee in a cup for the first time, I must say it's a lot nicer going to the doctor when we can sit in the "well" waiting room. Plus, we didn't have to get any shots this time around.

The doctor said Gray's growth and development all look great. He weighed in at 31 lbs. 8 oz. and is right around 40 inches tall. That's about a four-inch growth spurt over the last year! His weight and head circumference are around the 40-45th percentile and his height around the 95th percentile. This is tracking right around the same growth rates as his two-year check-up, so we still have a tall, skinny boy.

In other accomplishments, Grayson's vocabulary continues to amaze me. He uses words like delicious, interesting, humongous and octagon in daily conversation. His recognition of certain letters is also coming along well.

Some of his favorite activities are hide and seek (constantly!), playing cars and "fixing" things like daddy. He's also enjoys being outside as much as possible, listening/dancing to music and taking pictures with his new camera.

Grayson's appetite and the foods he eats also exceeds my expectations. This weekend we were eating out and I ordered him some chicken fingers. The waiter asked if he wanted fries or vegetables as a side and before I could respond Grayson said vegetables. The waiter and I were both a bit surprised but when the food arrived he ate his broccoli, cauliflower and carrots better than the chicken. Craziness!

While our days are filled with lots of laughs and fun, I will admit that three has its challenges. There are times when Gray will argue with us despite not knowing what he's talking about. For example, we were at the park yesterday and passed a sign. Grayson commented on there being numbers on the sign, but Michael corrected him and said they were all letters. Gray was adamant about it being numbers and kept rebutting daddy. Of course, that got him a talkin' to but it illustrates the fine line between our smart boy and our smarty pants.

Although he keeps us on our toes, I love this sweet boy beyond words. Whether he's using his manners or creating 20 different ways to procrastinate going to sleep, he'll always be mama's baby. (Just don't tell him I said that because he'll correct you and tell you he's "not a baby, he's a big boy that's getting bigger.")

Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Claire!

Our friends Rob and Courtney had a new arrival this morning! Baby Claire was born at 1:54 a.m. and weighed in at 8 lbs. 12 oz. and 21 inches long.

After going more than a week past her due date, I know Courtney is ecstatic for Claire's arrival. And for being preggers during the hottest summer on record in Oklahoma, I have to give props to this mama!

I'm looking forward to watching Claire grow and eventually watching she and her big sister Cora give their buds Grayson and Liam a run for their money.

Below are some pics of the sweet girl. She woke up and opened her eyes just long enough for us to have a little chat. Since Cora only has eyes for Michael, I've gotta get my bonding time in early with Miss Claire Bear.


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Birthday Bash

We hosted Grayson's 3rd birthday party today and despite some much-needed rain and a big drop in temperatures, it turned out to be a beautiful afternoon.

The day started off with some early presents from Nana and Popper. There's nothing better than getting a sneak peek at gifts when you're still in your jammies.

They got Gray a kid-tough camera and he immediately started snapping pictures of another gift which was a wooden statue he received from Michael's grandmother, MawMaw. I find it funny that he holds the camera up to his eye even though he's never seen a camera that uses a viewfinder. Even this little camera has a digital screen on the back to take and view pictures. I'll be sure to share any good photos he captures in future blog posts.

After nap time, the party guests started to arrive which was mostly family and a few friends. We kept things simple this year with just cake, ice cream and swimming. The theme was race cars and everything was checkered flags and cars of all kinds.

Grayson (like his parents) is lucky to have so many people who love him, especially his six grandparents and six great-grandparents.

Gray getting a ride from Nana (Michael's mom).

Gray with Grandmama (my mom) and Great Grandma (my grandma on my father's side)

Grayson and Pappa (my dad)

Grayson and his cousin Luke getting a sugar rush

Pappa and baby Jack checking out the action at the kids' table.

Aunt Karen enjoying some snuggles with baby Jack

Gray received lots of fun gifts and had some wonderful helpers when it came to opening his presents.

Luke directed the order of the present opening and Cora assisted with logistics such as dismantling ribbons and bows.

Next up, it was time to burn off some sugar in the swimming pool...

I realized tonight that I didn't get a single group shot of all the family or the kiddos. We usually take one every year, but it just completely slipped my mind. That said, Nana did capture a few pics of Gray's post-swimming ritual where we wrap him up like a burrito.

This is what one happy, lucky little boy looks like. 
Tonight after everyone went home and we were eating dinner, I asked Grayson if he had a fun day. He said, "Yeah, I did. Now I'm three." 

Yes, little man, it's official. You're three.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Grayson is Three!

After much anticipation...Grayson's birthday has finally arrived. Three years ago today, our lives were forever changed. In some ways it seems like yesterday, but in other ways I can't remember our family before Grayson was a part of it. Here's a fun look back at the birthday boy.

Our Labor Day surprise

 Gray turns 1! (check out the rolly polly legs)

 Grayson at 2 (turning into a skinny boy, no more baby rolls)

And now our boy is three. I can't even believe it...

This weekend is the "official" birthday party with friends (and a Lightening McQueen "happy cake," of course), but today it's all about how much joy this boy has brought to our lives.

We love you, Grayson, and can't wait to see how you grow and change over the next year!