Thursday, June 11, 2015

Cousin Time

On Sunday, we enjoyed an impromptu play date with some family on my dad's side. Pappa and SuSu were in town for a lake trip that got flooded out from all the rain in May. It all worked out when we learned that my cousin Suzanne and her family were also going to be in town from Denver.

I miss them so much and love seeing these little cousins have fun together. Both Luke and Jack seemed to have grown a foot since we saw them a couple of months ago. The boys swam, snacked, played outside, ate some more and ran around until dark. I'm sure all three slept like a log after the day they had together.

Baby Jack is turning in to a tall boy and a little fish

Star Wars PJ time

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Our little Cubs

We're about halfway through T-ball season and the Cubs are starting to get the hang of this whole baseball thing. It's so much fun watching them learn and improve, especially when it comes to fielding. 

Gray seems best suited for third base or short stop so far, but he's also played outfield, catcher and "pitcher" (where you fake throwing a ball before the hitter bats off the tee). I've noticed his attention seems to wane when he's in an outfield position, but he stays focused if he's in the infield. He's also got a good arm for throwing from third base to first base. 

Even though Gray wasn't initially excited to hit off the tee, he's done well learning the rest of the game which will hopefully make machine pitch more fun next year. 

It's also been great getting to know other boys from Gray's school, along with the dads who volunteered to coach and the parents who come to the practices and games. I think the coaches/dads are  having just as much fun as the kiddos out there. It's all very entertaining to say the least!

We had team pictures last week and I couldn't help but laugh when the boys smiled and all seemed to be missing front teeth. Gray is in the back row, third from the right.

Cash, Jude, James and Gray -- such silly little boys

Lil' slugger

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Safety Town

We are enjoying summer and last week Nana and Gray went to his first scheduled activity, Safety Town. He and his friend Cash spent the week learning all about the rules of the road, personal safety and fire safety.

They walked and rode bikes around a mini-town to learn how stoplights, crosswalks and road signs work, in addition to enjoying tours of a firetruck and ambulance. On the day the firemen came, Gray chatted up the guys and though it was cool that they knew his Uncle Levi.

Safety Town is run by our local Police Dept. and on the day of "graduation" one of the police officers tried to convince the kids that police were the coolest of the first responders. Gray enjoyed the officer instructors, but I don't think there's anything they could do to compete with his love of fire fighters. Hopefully they didn't take it personally.

Gray receiving his Safety Town graduation certificate

Gray and his buddy Cash

After graduation, adults were allowed in to Safety Town so the boys showed us their favorite spots. This mini railroad crossing was a big hit.

Cash and Gray with their new Police Officer friends 

Monday, June 8, 2015

Our toothless boy

The second of Grayson's loose front teeth came out last week. He received another cool crystal and some quarters from the tooth fairy. I don't think he has any other loose teeth at the moment, so hopefully the tooth fairy has a little time to restock on treasures.

Gray also had to go to the dentist last week and get two cavities filled in some baby teeth. He lucked out and they gave him gas to relax, but the experience taught him to brush more diligently. I'm glad he wasn't scared or nervous because he really doesn't mind going to the dentist and I'd like to keep it that way.