Friday, May 17, 2013

Hello Summer

Today was Gray's last day of pre-k. I cannot believe he already has a year of "real" school under his belt. 

He's ready to start kindergarden on Monday, but I've been explaining that we have to get through summer first. I'm sure this will be the only year where I have to talk up summertime. 

We are going to miss his teachers and have promised to come back and visit over the years. For now it's time to do some relaxin'...

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Holten!

Holtie Bear is now the big 4 and recently had a Rango-themed birthday party with his cousins. Amy got it right with this one. All you need are a few toy pistols, cowboy hats, water balloons and cookie cake and you've got some extremely happy little boys.

The weather was perfect and the cousins played for hours on end in the backyard.

I noticed after downloading all of my photos that Jack only made it into one shot and, of course, baby Nora was there, but preferred to take in the action from the arms of Grandmama or Great-Grandmama. Here are a few shots of the celebration:

Sheriffs Holten, Luke & Gray...aka the Three Amigos

At least Luke can take a photo like a normal person

Grandmama getting in some snuggle time with Nora

Great-Grandmama so happy with her newest great-grandchild

The birthday boy finding a strategic hiding place for the water balloon fight

Gray also taking his position before the boys were unleashed

Luke: locked and loaded

Halfway through, Gray got smart and realized it was better if he grabbed two balloons from his stash at once so he didn't have to run back every time.

Michael and Amy filled up 100 water balloons and the shrieks and ear-to-ear grins made it all worth it.

Jack got in on the action too!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Get Your Kicks

Grayson and Holten's soccer season officially ended last weekend. Just when the boys started to actually figure things out, the short six-week schedule was over.

The team played hard the last game, with Gray scoring a goal and providing an assist for his teammate Gavin to score.

As the youngest player on the team, Holten had been a little shy about playing all season and didn't want to step foot onto the field until the final game. Better late than never, I guess. I'm just glad he finally got out there and had some fun.

Holten is in the green jersey on the left in the photo above and number 8 below. Go Holtie Go!

After the game, their coach handed out snacks and their participation medals. As you know, Michael has a point-of-view when it comes to giving kids participation trophies, but just look at Gray's smile. He worked hard all season and has come so far, what's wrong with a little reward, even if you don't keep score?

The "Sooners" showing off their medals
Gray, Luke, Holt, Gavin and Hudson

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A memory-filled 48 hours

Pappa and Susu came for a visit recently and we packed their short trip full, including attending the annual touch-a-truck event, playing a soccer game and taking a day trip to Red Rock Canyon state park. We wore ourselves out, but it was so much fun.

Gray and Holt checking out a military tank

Two silly boys enjoying the ladder truck which happened to be from Uncle Levi's fire station. We also met the crew he works with, but Levi was off that day because Nora was coming home from the hospital. 

Here are Gray, Luke, Jack and Holt enjoying a picnic at Red Rock Canyon. All four boys played their little hearts out and even hiked up on the canyon walls for the first time. We discovered a new stair trail built in the side of the canyon wall that was safer than our usual climbing route. They loved every sweaty minute of it just like I did with my cousins when we were kids. 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Spring has sprung!

Every year when our azalea bushes burst into color, I enjoy knowing spring is finally here. Despite our recent bi-polar weather, the flowers didn't seem phased by the unseasonable cold snaps. My favorite purple peony bush is also about to bloom and I cannot wait to enjoy that short-lived beauty.

In the meantime, I snapped a couple of quick cell phone pictures of Gray by the pink azaleas. Here's a look back at how much he's grown from when I took his pictures by these same plants in 2011 and 2012.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Our weird dude

Sometimes I wonder about our strange little boy. He can get something in his head and it's not worth putting up a fight, so we just roll with it despite how odd it may look.

For example, last week I had a dermatology appointment and Gray was out of school for an in-service day so he came with me. He insisted on wearing his "headphones" which are really ear protection we purchased years ago when we attended the Monster truck show.

I have no idea what sparked his interest in wearing these, but it wasn't worth arguing over so I let him wear them as long as he didn't yell when he talked since it was hard for him to tell how loud he was being.

Here's a shot of him playing in the waiting area:

I'm sure the other dozen or so people that were there with us were curious about why he was wearing ear protection. Eventually, the phase passed and he put them in my purse and we didn't think anything else of it.

Another funny thing he did recently was during a bowling fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters. Right before we started bowling the first game, I asked him to turn around so I could take his picture. He immediately started striking a pose:

This one came out blurry, but you can see why the kid cracks me up. 
Where does he come up with this stuff?

Saturday, May 4, 2013

One more cousin to love

Now that baby Nora is home, Gray finally got to meet his new cousin. He loved patting her, stroking the soft hair on her head and sizing up her tiny hands against his. 

Gray and Nora making their first introductions. 

Amazed by how little she is.

After we left he asked how long it would be until she grew up. I thought that was a funny question, but  I know he's just excited for her to be a little bigger so he can play with her more. Until then, he seems pretty content with just watching and patting her. So sweet.