Thursday, January 31, 2008

Feeling Ornery

First off, I never realized how strange it is to spell the word ornery... but I digress.

I decided to keep a tally of the number of pregnancy/baby/parenting books that Mike and I complete throughout this journey. Not that this is a competition, but before we started "trying" I very clearly brought up the fact that I didn't want to be the only one reading all the books. 

He agreed to become a bookworm (much to his dismay), and even bought a book for expecting fathers on Jan. 19 (after we went to the bookstore and I picked out two for him to choose from). That's where the progress ended. The book is still sitting on our table untouched. 

Now, I'm sure this is needlessly rude for me to point out in front of all of our friends, but let's be honest -- I can't control my hormonal mood swings at the moment and he's likely not reading this blog either so I think we're safe. 

So, enjoy Baby Book Tally over on the left-hand side of this blog. I'll be sure to report back any and all progress as it happens.
P.S. As of Jan. 25, the fatherhood book did get picked up and carried from the bag to the living room side table, but I don't think the cover has yet to be cracked. Stay tuned...

Monday, January 21, 2008

My life before the + sign

Hi, my name is Roxy and my world has recently been turned upside down. I sensed a change in my mom long before my parents sat me down and talked to me about being a big sister. Since that day, there have been times when I'm excited and times when I give my parents the cold shoulder.

My dad told me life would be different, but still fun and full of belly rubs. He was right to a point. I still get to sleep in the bed, but I can't run and jump on mom liked I used to be able to. I really miss romping around in the morning.

I'm also afraid that this new sibling will want to share my crate. I've worked really hard spreading my scent on it and getting the cushion fluffed just right. That's why I started taking precautions to sit in front of the doorway and growl if anyone comes close. It's never too early to protect your domain.

To further explain my life up until this crazy baby news, I put together a little slide show. This will help illustrate the fabulous life I've been leading. Paws crossed this life of luxury will continue. 
It's a girl! This was the good 'ol days.

Summer vacations on the lake.

Mom's favorite trick-or-treater.

Romping in the snow.
All dressed up for Christmas.

And so it begins

Well, as you can see I've decided to bite the bullet and join the world of blogging. I was hesitant at first since cyberspace doesn't need another pregnant lady posting about morning sickness and hormones, but then I thought about all of our friends and family so many states and oceans away that would be wanting to stay in the loop on this new chapter of our lives.

Yes, we're on the long and sometimes amusing road to having a baby. My due date is Sept. 9, but I recently read (in one of my 12 pregnancy books) that only 4% of babies are actually born on their due dates. Doctors say it's normal for them to come two weeks prior to this day or two weeks after, which boils down to my first parental matter how far science has come in prenatal vitamins, pregnancy studies, or ultrasound imaging, my OBGYN can only get within a month of letting me know when our lives will change forever. That's a reassuring start. Might as well ask the weatherman.

For someone who doesn't really care for numbers, it seems that pregnancy is full of dates and counting.
  • Counting backwards to when your last period began (sorry, I mentioned the p-word fellas).
  • Counting the minutes until the pregnancy test is ready (quite possibly the longest two minutes known to humans).
  • Counting your progress in weeks, then months and finally trimesters.
  • Counting calories and pounds to make sure you're staying healthy.
  • And finally, counting the minutes and seconds between contractions once the big day finally arrives.
I'm sure there are a lot of other things I'll have to count along the way, I just don't want to think about it anymore right now.

In related matters, our up-until-now only child/dog Roxy is counting down the last moments of having her parents all to herself (hence the blog name). If any of you readers don't believe that dogs should live indoors or be treated like family members, then this isn't the blog for you. For three years, our yorkie Roxy has been the apple of our eye. Our parents even refer to her as their grand-dog, which is just one of the hundreds of examples of how she's stolen our hearts. I have no doubt that this pregnancy and eventually the baby's arrival will have a profound affect on our relationship with Roxy, so stay tuned for the gritty details.

Part of the inspiration behind this blog is to relay my pregnancy adventures and learnings, but another inspiration is to capture Roxy's reactions and attitude along the way. She may even be writing a few of her own posts just so you're fully aware of her perspective (yes, I told you she's half human).

So, thanks for joining Michael, Roxy and myself on this unpredictable journey. I know there will be times we'll need your loving support, wisdom, and encouragement that this too shall pass.