Friday, October 1, 2010

Young Love

This evening Michael and Grayson went for a bike ride to enjoy the nice weather while I enjoyed some child-free time at the house to get a few things done.

They ran into some of our friends on the north oval of campus and Mike captured a few moments of affection between Gray and Cora. I sure hope his friend Gwen from school doesn't see these pictures. She has quite the crush on him (according to her mother), but I'm sure his heart belongs to Cora.

I'm looking forward to taunting the two of them with these pictures once they become teenagers.

It starts out innocent enough...

Then he moves in to steal a kiss. Pretty brazen considering Cora's dad was looking on.

She doesn't even seem to mind the fact that he steps on her toes (and her seriously adorable shoes)


Anonymous said...

And so it begins!! Love to all of you! Aunt KM

Gina said...

So adorable! Did he learn those moves from Mike or mama? :-)