Friday, August 7, 2015

Chinese Camp

Grayson spent three weeks in June attending Chinese Camp held through a program at OU. It built on the language lessons he's had the past few years at his elementary school. He learned songs, more complex language, how to write characters and use chopsticks, plus other art and cultural activities.

Everyday he came home telling me all the awesome things he'd done at camp. They did Tai Chi every morning and even learned a little Kung Fu. He also loved the lunches, which included traditional meals from each region of China that they studied.

The camp was split into four classes by age and the camp director led Gray's class. She would brag on him every day as she loaded him into my car, and at the performance at the end of camp, he had the most speaking parts and solos in the songs his class performed.

It was amazing to see how he soaked it all up. Even if he doesn't become fluent in Mandarin someday, I hope his love of learning other cultures continues.

Gray receiving a certificate and Chinese knot at the end of camp

His class from camp

All of the classes showing off their certificates after their performance

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