Sunday, August 23, 2015

Making the most of Summer

Gray started school last week, but not before cramming as much as possible into the last few weeks of summer break. We enjoyed two trips to Lake Tenkiller with family, he spent a week in Edmond attending a cowboy/ranch camp with Holten and then a week Mississippi, and also managed to attend a mini-college camp at OU for a week.

The flurry of activity made the month go by incredibly quickly and I think we're all ready to settle back into the routine of the school year.

I didn't get any pictures from his cowboy camp or mini-college camp at OU, but he came home very excited about both. He loved tromping around in his cowboy boots and got to ride a horse several times, plus experience a lot of other fun farm activities. Of all the barnyard animals he met, I think he loved holding the bunny the most.

At mini-college, he had three classes a day that were STEM-related and taught by OU professors, then they'd break for the day around 3 p.m. and head over to the OU swimming pool.

Gray discovered the diving pool and after building up his courage to jump from the highest diving board, he didn't want to stop. He also seemed to like the classes since they were heavily science-based and also centered around space (one of his favorite topics!).

I think his favorite thing by far was taking a couple of dollars and buying something from the snack bar at the pool each day. He even shared his money with a new little buddy he met and figured out a way to make the dollars stretch to get two snacks or pick big ones (like nachos) that they could split. It was pretty cute.

We've also been lucky to spend time with some cousins who were in town. Luke and Jack came in from Denver and Holten was in from Seattle so we all went to one of our favorite places, Lake Tenkiller.

Cousin time at the lake. Those faces!

Luke, Gray, Holten and Jack -- I couldn't love these silly boys any more! 

Floating picnic on the tube

Celebrating Pappa's 65th birthday on the water! 

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